About Us

Blue Sill Media is dedicated to providing coverage for whatever event you have planned. Our full multimedia studio includes web design, photography, fully equipped sound and video studio and of course anything you need to print.

To make an appointment please check the contact page or use the mailer on the requests page. Thanks for your interest in Blue Sill Media.

This year we are offering 5 dollars a month hosting!!! Never to change for those who sign up this year.

Some restrictions apply. Please send us an email using the Contact page.


What We Do

Blue Sill Media is dedicated to providing reasonably priced effective solutions to your business needs. We are a hosting company, sound studio, web design company and photography amateurs all in one.

  • Website design
  • Wordpress/Joomla integration
  • Sound Studio

Blue Sill Media is located at:

Address: Online Edmonton, AB
E-mail: Please use the form on the contact page.